College Girl, Missing: The True Story of How a Young Woman Disappeared in Plain Sight Shawn Cohen

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A gripping true crime book about a college girl who disappeared in plain sight When Lauren Spierer―a gregarious young woman at a crossroads in her life―vanished from Indiana University , her story drew global attention from celebrities and news outlets such as People magazine, CNN, and USA Today . Lauren’s disappearance wasn’t just some random abduction. What makes the case so confounding is that the 20-year-old was out with dozens of classmates in a bustling university town on the night she went missing. She was seen in public by witnesses and security cameras, and ended up in a townhouse complex with several wealthy, well-connected male students―never to be seen again. Despite the media frenzy surrounding the case, the police investigation went nowhere and her body was never found. Armed with the support of Lauren’s parents and never-before-seen evidence that chronicles a cover-up, a botched investigation, conflicting testimony, and new interviews, Cohen leads readers through a gripping narrative before finally shining a light on those often forgotten in true the innocent people left behind. College Girl, Missing will take readers through a minute-by-minute recap of the last hours of Lauren’s life, and ask the What happened to Lauren Spierer?


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